Russell Hande


Russell has been interested in weather every since he can remember.  In middle school, Russell met with WRGB Chief Meteorologist Steve Lapointe, for a class project. He was always interested in storms, recording his first thunderstorm in the summer of 1998 on an old VHS Camcorder. When a storm comes rolling in, Russell is already watching it on doppler radar, planning to record it, and about to head out into it. On May 21st, 2012, Russell completed the Basic Skywarn Training Course.

2012-06-25 – Severe Thunderstorm (Hudson, NY)

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Jun 252012

Severe thunderstorm with small hail. Sorry for the shakiness, my tripod is broken (one leg fell off) and I have yet to replace it. I was also walking backwards while making sure I wasn’t walking into traffic. 🙂 I tried a video stabilization program but it kept glitching every time lightning struck.